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    25 Dec 2008
    New sputum trap by Changi General Hospital more effective and reduces patient's discomfort
    Developed by a multidisciplinary team from Changi General Hospital, a newly-designed sputum trap was awarded the inaugural SingHealth Allied Health Innovative Practice Award 2008.  The new sputum trap makes sputum collection easier, more effective and most importantly, reduces patient discomfort. The Award serves to recognise and celebrate the many contributions of SingHealth allied health professionals who are always on the lookout for creative ways to enhance patient care.

    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 8
    29 Nov 2008
    SingHealth radiographer enjoys vast training and career opportunities
    Ms Leong Suet Fen, a diagnostic radiographer from Changi General Hospital, shares about her passion for her job which combines technology and human touch, and the numerous opportunites for continuous learning through job rotation and SingHealth cluster-wide projects.

    The Straits Times Recruit, pg R22
    26 Nov 2008
    Embarking on mission to improve clinical outcomes for patients
    SingHealth embarked on a major three-year upgrade of its electronic medical records infrastructure, aimed at delivering even better, safer integrated care and improving clinical outcomes for patients as they move seamlessly across the care continuum for treatment.

    The Straits Times, pg B2 (26 November 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 4 (8 December 2008)
    22 Nov 2008
    Kudos to outstanding enrolled nurses
    Ten outstanding enrolled nurses from seven healthcare institutions were honoured at the 3rd Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2008.  The Award, the highest accolade for enrolled nurses in Singapore, recognises talented and promising nurses who are dedicated to advancing the profession.  SingHealth nurses garnered four of the awards. 

    The Straits Times, pg B10
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 6
    12 Nov 2008
    SingHealth supports President's Challenge 2008 with record total of more than $400,000 in cash and kind
    SingHealth institutions on Outram Campus rallied together to volunteer time and effort to organise mass free health screenings valued at more than $100,000, a rehabilitation carnival and a health walk, to reach out to 1,800 members of the public and beneficiaries of President's Challenge 2008.  SingHealth raised $300,000 through various fundraising activities among staff, which saw doctors turn chefs and car wash crew.

    The New Paper, pg 14-15 (12 November 2008)
    Lianhe Wanbao, pg 6 (15 November 2008)
    23 Oct 2008
    SingHealth sees prospects in personalised medicine to improve patient care
    SingHealth has inked a Memorandum of Understanding to work on a programme known as the Partnership for Personalised Medicine, led by Nobel Laureate Dr Lee Hartwell, President and Director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle. This model builds on the recent advances in the study of proteins to produce better molecular diagnostics for various diseases, with the aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

    The Straits Times, pg S14
    19 Oct 2008
    Views from distinguished visitor of SingHealth Leadership Series

    The annual SingHealth Leadership Series invites leaders from renowned international healthcare organisations to share their experiences with its management and staff.  This year, SingHealth welcomed Dr James Mongan, President & CEO of Partners HealthCare, as the distinguished visitor. In an exclusive interview with Lianhe Zaobao, it is noted that Dr Mongan shared his insights on running an integrated healthcare organisation with healthcare professionals here. He also gave his assessment of the healthcare reform plans presented by the two US presidential candidates, and discussed the challenges the new President would face in implementing the promised healthcare reform.

    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 15

    10 Oct 2008
    Double honours for SingHealth's first nursing professor
    SingHealth's Group Director of Nursing, Lim Swee Hia, received the double honours of being conferred Adjunct Associate Professorship by two leading universities in Australia and Singapore -- Curtin University of Technology's School of Nursing and Midwifery and National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.  These appointments attest to the leadership of and immense contributions by Madam Lim to the nursing profession throughout her 40-year nursing career.  She will engage in research and education collaborations with the universities. 

    Lianhe Wanbao, pg 8 (10 October 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 8 (11 October 2008)
    25 Sep 2008
    SingHealth wins international award for age-friendly HR practices
    SingHealth is one of the two organisations in Asia to win the AARP International Innovative Employer Award for its positive workplace practices such as retraining and flexi work arrangements to retain its mature workers. Close to one in five of SingHealth's 15,000 employees are aged 50 and above, and almost 80% of its retired staff continues to work with it.

    The Straits Times, pg B2 (25 September 2008)
    The Business Times, pg 14 (25 September 2008)
    The New Paper, pg 8 (25 September 2008)
    My Paper, pg A2 (29 September 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 8 (18 October 2008)
    22 Sep 2008
    Making healthcare affordable through good procurement strategies
    In the face of global inflation with rising prices of energy and raw materials, medical inflation is inevitable.  SingHealth's Group Procurement Office plays an important role in containing costs, reducing wastage, and improving efficiency across its institutions and even in the larger public healthcare sector, so that healthcare remains affordable for patients.

    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 4
    11 Sep 2008
    Doctors share conversations on values and ethos of medical profession
    SingHealth organised a special event to bring together healthcare leaders and professionals to share conversations on the true meaning of medicine as well as challenges facing the healthcare profession. The healthcare group also launched a book entitled "Behind The Stethoscope - Personal Reflections On Life In Medicine", which was penned by 56 doctors, capturing their personal journeys, reflections, and defining moments in the practice of medicine.

    The Straits Times, pg B2
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 16
    08 Sep 2008
    SingHealth celebrates International Physiotherapist Day
    SingHealth marks International Physiotherapist Day on 8 September, through recognising the contributions of its physiotherapists towards holistic patient care. Dr Celia Tan, who is the Deputy Director of Allied Health at Singapore General Hospital and also President of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association, highlighted the need to increase the number of physiotherapists in Singapore to meet the demands of a greying population and shared the Association's plans to beef up the ranks of physiotherapists in Singapore. 

    The Straits Times, pg B3 (8 September 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 14 (11 September 2008)
    31 Aug 2008
    Retired nurses offer help to new mothers in SingHealth's Postnatal Home Care Programme
    Mdm Ong Poh Eng, a retired midwife from KKH, is one of the 27 retired nurses and midwives in the Postnatal  Home Care programme offered by SingHealth and Southeast Community Development Council.  She shares about how she helps new mothers learn how to take care of themselves during confinement and care for their newborn babies.

    Shin Min Daily News, pg 4
    25 Aug 2008
    SingHealth dietitian is part of multidisciplinary team providing holistic patient care
    Ms Kala Adaikan, a senior dietitian from Singapore General Hospital, shares about her interest in food science and nutrition which led her to a satisfying career in dietetics.  Working in a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and pharmacists, she educates and advises patients with dietary-related disorders.     

    The Straits Times Recruit, pg C20
    24 Aug 2008
    Public healthcare groups collaborate with GPs to fight chronic diseases
    SingHealth and the National Healthcare Group have shared resources to launch the National Delivering On Target (DOT) programme to tackle chronic diseases on a wider scale at the national level, in close partnership with GPs in the community. This programme is an extension of the existing DOT programme introduced by SingHealth in August 2005.

    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 7
    02 Aug 2008
    Rewarding career for SingHealth nurses
    Mr Nidu Maran, a nurse clinician from Singapore General Hospital, shares about the challenges, rewards and growth opportunities of his chosen profession.  As a nurse clinician, he not only cares for patients but also does research that helps improve their lives. 

    The Straits Times Recruit, pg R30
    02 Aug 2008
    SingHealth nurses received star treatment at Nurses' Day celebrations party
    SingHealth paid tribute to nurses from its family of 9 healthcare institutions at a special Nurses’ Day party on Outram Campus.  With the theme ”SingHealth Nurses, Sparkle On!”, the party accorded star treatment to the nurses who are hailed as shining examples in their workplaces and celebrated their achievements and commitment to saving lives and healing people.

    The Straits Times, pg H9
    31 Jul 2008
    Ample training opportunities for foreign nurses at SingHealth
    Ms Zhang Rong Fang from the Singapore General Hospital, an institution of SingHealth, hails from China and is given many opportunities to upgrade her knowledge and skills in local and overseas institutions. The senior staff nurse is also part of the growing pool of foreign nurses who become Singapore Permanent Residents.

    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 10
    25 Jul 2008
    SingHealth Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) Awards 2008
    This year, 145 healthcare professionals from SingHealth received a boost to their training and education pursuits under its HMDP training scheme. With funding from the Ministry of Health and SingHealth Foundation, a total of $5.37 million will go towards their training in reputable medical centres around the world.

    The Straits Times, pg H8 (25 July 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 16 (26 July 2008)
    20 Jul 2008
    SingHealth scholar gets a hands-on headstart to his degree course
    SingHealth scholarship offers Muhammad Khairul Saidi a hands-on start to his degree in diagnostic radiography with a three-month diploma course in Nanyang Polytechnic and a one-year degree conversion programme in University of Sydney, Australia. 

    The Straits Times Scholars' Choice Preview, pg 6
    28 Jun 2008
    SingHealth supports move towards a shared electronic health record
    SingHealth heads Singapore affiliate of Health Level 7, an international standards developing organisation, to spearhead efforts in realising the goal of a national electronic health record.

    The Straits Times, pg H5
    23 May 2008
    SingHealth participates in relief efforts in Myanmar
    As part of the Government of Singapore's contribution to the relief efforts in cyclone-hit Myanmar, two medical teams formed by doctors and nurses from SingHealth and the National Healthcare Group have been deployed to provide medical support for the victims.

    The Straits Times, pg 21
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 4
    Berita Harian, pg 6
    30 Apr 2008
    Winner of SingHealth GCEO Excellence Awards 2008 developed "walking frame" to help patients recover faster
    Norhayati Ahmad, a Senior Nurse Manager at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and her team came up with a "walking frame" that helps patients get back on their feet quicker after an operation for early discharge. Now being used in the Orthopaedic Ward, it has helped SGH reduce patients’ hospital bills and free up beds. 

    Norhayati was recently named one of the 9 outstanding winners of the SingHealth GCEO Excellence Awards 2008, the highest honour in recognition of the staff's contributions, achievements and dedication.

    Berita Harian, pg 11
    15 Apr 2008
    SingHealth's Medical Social Workers help patients with chronic illnesses find jobs
    Medical Social Workers from various SingHealth institutions initiated a collaboration with Central Singapore Community Development Council to help chronically ill patients find jobs, after a study was done by SingHealth on chronic disease and employability.  The study and the collaboration were announced to mark Social Workers’ Day.

    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 6 (15 April 2008)
    The Straits Times, pg H11 (16 April 2008)
    03 Apr 2008
    Leadership changes at SingHealth institutions
    Singapore General Hospital and the Singapore National Eye Centre, both institutions of the SingHealth group, will soon see changes in their top leadership positions.

    The Straits Times, pg H4 (3 April 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 12 (4 April 2008)
    20 Mar 2008
    SingHealth partners community healthcare providers for chronic disease care
    The Delivering On Target (DOT) programme, launched by SingHealth in 2005, is showing positive results in the treatment of patients with chronic diseases.  Working on a community-based care model platform, the DOT programme involves SingHealth collaborating closely with GPs, professional healthcare bodies, and the pharmaceutical industry to work on initiatives for chronic care delivery.

    The Straits Times, pg H9 (20 March 2008)
    Lianhe Zaobao, pg 9 (21 March 2008)
    Berita Harian, pg 9 (26 March 2008)
    27 Feb 2008
    KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) produces animated video to help prepare children for surgery
    KKH has produced a video to prepare children aged 3 years and above for surgery by letting them know what to expect during hospitalisation and before and after their surgeries. The 6-minute animated video, which is being produced in child-friendly language, will introduce places in the hospital, suggest items to bring and provide coping strategies.

    The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), pg 7
    22 Jan 2008
    IT skills in the healthcare sector
    With technological advances in medicine, the healthcare sector is gearing up to attract the best IT talents.  SingHealth believes that IT is an enabler in developing solutions to meet today’s healthcare challenges, and it is looking into growing a pool of IT talent to achieve its business objectives and transform patient care.

    The Straits Times (Digital Life), pg 10-11
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