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25 Dec 2009
SingHealth shares insights on benefits of clinical trials
Singapore has been able to attract a growing number of clinical trials, which have brought with them many benefits to local patients. SingHealth doctors share their insights on how Singapore became such a magnet for clinical trials in the region and explain the role of clinical trials in improving the health outcomes for patients here. A National Cancer Centre Singapore patient shares his experiences of being on a trial.

The Straits Times - pg A1 & A4
19 Dec 2009
SingHealth comments on role of IRB
Chairman of SingHealth's Centralised Institutional Review Board (IRB) highlights that patient safety is paramount in his commentary on the role of IRBs. The commentary outlines the IRB's involvement in the research process, shedding light on how it works and what its key concerns are when it comes to evaluating research proposals.

The Straits Times - pg E9
17 Dec 2009
SingHealth helps medical staff overcome language barriers with patients

SingHealth medical staff meet different patients each day and may sometimes encounter language barriers while attending to patients who speak Malay, Tamil or other dialects. To help staff overcome these barriers, SingHealth Academy, the education arm of SingHealth, has organised short-term language courses for staff. Read about the communication challenges that SingHealth's medical staff face and how these courses helped them to understand patients better.

Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW pg3

26 Nov 2009
Diverse roles of pharmacists at SingHealth
Pharmacists work in many different settings, including hospitals, drug manufacturing firms and universities. Read about our SingHealth pharmacists and their range of duties as a member of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team, from attending ward rounds with doctors, selecting and managing the drug therapy of patients, engaging in translational research to managing the purchase, distribution and inventory of medicines for the hospitals. 

The Straits Times - pg 12-13
20 Nov 2009
SingHealth creates smiles for the President's Challenge
Healthcare, I Care!, now in its 6th successive year, represents SingHealth's contribution to the President's Challenge initiative, meeting the needs of beneficiaries in tangible ways and doing what SingHealth does best: Delivering quality healthcare. One initiative sees the National Dental Centre of Singapore partnering the Singapore Dental Health Foundation to fit 100 elderly nursing home residents with new dentures.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the President’s Challenge, SingHealth  aims to collect 10,000 smiles, brought on by sincere and meaningful deeds by its staff, capturing these in candid photos, which will be assembled into a photo collage. The collage will be presented to the President at the close of the project on 22 December 2009.

The Straits Times, pg B4
06 Nov 2009
SGH Campus Renewal
As the birthplace of medical history in Singapore, the SGH Campus has undergone major transformation over the years as it evolved to serve the increasing healthcare needs of Singaporeans. As such, construction of new healthcare facilities is necessary to improve patient care. Recognising the temporary inconvenience to patients and visitors during the construction period, every effort is being made to minimise the impact on patients and visitors.

The Straits Times, pg C15
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 10 
03 Oct 2009
SingHealth to train 500 North Indian doctors and administrators in three years

SingHealth and two leading India healthcare organisations collaborate to strengthen healthcare service delivery and management in hospitals in North India. The 1.2 million programme is enabled largely by a grant of approximately S$738,000 from Temasek Foundation. Through this collaboration, SingHealth aims to create a greater multiplier effect and form "islands of expertise" so that a larger community of influencers can further enhance healthcare standards in India and the region.

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 8 (3 Oct 2009)

14 Sep 2009
SingHealth to get electronic helpers
SingHealth will roll out the robotic pharmacy packaging system in all its hospitals by 2012, as part of its mission to deliver even better and safer integrated care for patients. This system is set to be a major step in SingHealth's plan to move towards a total electronic medical records system.

The Business Times, pg 3 (14 Sep 2009)
10 Aug 2009
Medical social workers share a series of heart-warming stories

In this New Paper series on medical social work, SingHealth and other public sector hospitals' medical social workers (MSWs) share their heart-warming and sometimes painful stories. Each unique story features our MSWs working quietly with other healthcare professionals to help patients deal with difficult issues including financial hardship and impending death.

The New Paper, pg 10-11 (10 Aug)
The New Paper, pg 10-11 (11 Aug)
The New Paper, pg 12-13 (12 Aug)
The New Paper, pg 18 (15 Aug)

31 Jul 2009
Celebrating SingHealth Nurses - Fabulous Inspiring Talent!
SingHealth paid tribute to nurses from its nine healthcare institutions with a special Nurses’ Day celebration which kicked off with a 10-minute stretchercise workout followed by a feast of local delights. Twelve outstanding nurses were also given awards for their outstanding work performance, dedication and passion and another 11 nurses were given scholarships to further their nursing education.  

The Straits Times, pg B6 (1 August 2009)
Berita Harian, pg 2 (1 August 2009)
Berita Harian, pg 14 (8 August 2009) - SHP Senior Nurse Clinician
Berita Harian, pg 14 (8 August 2009) - SGH Senior Staff Nurse
Berita Harian, pg 14 (8 August 2009) - SGH Assistant Director of Nursing
30 Jul 2009
SingHealth nurses put together a wound management guide
Wounds can affect patients physically, socially and psychologically and some patients have to live with a wound for the rest of their lives. Proper wound management is a critical aspect of patient care, which requires the expertise and dedication of a multidisciplinary team. Recognising this, SingHealth nurses have come together to produce a wound management guide for healthcare professionals, with contributions from doctors, podiatrists and dietitians. This book, the sixth publication by SingHealth nurses, contains best practices and reflects the remarkable advances in wound management that help improve the quality of life for patients.  

Berita Harian - pg 10 (30 July 2009)
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 2 (10 September 2009)
02 Jul 2009
SingHealth launches humanitarian relief programme

The SingHealth Humanitarian Relief Programme (SHRP) is a group-wide initiative that formalises the various relief efforts undertaken over the years by SingHealth's healthcare professionals, providing acute medical aid as well as long-term, sustainable community recovery and reconstruction to victims of calamities around the region. SingHealth Polyclinics doctors also launched a handy guide for staff volunteers, giving them useful tips for before, during, and after medical relief missions.

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 10 (2 July 2009)

Berita Harian, pg 4 (2 July 2009)
The Straits Times, pg B11 (18 July 2009)
The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), pg 12-14 (27 August 2009)

01 Jul 2009
SingHealth and SMU launched Singapore's first graduate diploma in healthcare

SingHealth and SMU launched Singapore's first graduate diploma in healthcare management and leadership. With teaching faculty from both organisations, this 9-month programme aims to equip healthcare leaders with skills like healthcare management strategy, quality and financial management. Through this collaboration with SMU, SingHealth hopes to groom a new generation of clinicians who will lead in providing the best patient care and take Singapore to the forefront of healthcare delivery.

Berita Harian, pg 2 (1 July 2009)
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 6 (20 July 2009)

20 Jun 2009
SingHealth medical social worker helps patients hit by downturn
Medical social workers in SingHealth provide holistic care to patients from all walks of life. Mr Gilbert Fan, in his 24 years as a medical social worker at National Cancer Centre Singapore, witnessed four downturns and their devasting impact on the lives of patients and their caregivers. He shares his story on helping cancer survivors and easing those hit by the economic downturn back to work. 

The Straits Times, pg A24
18 Jun 2009
SingHealth partners Microsoft on integrated radiology management system

SingHealth and Microsoft announced a 10-year partnership to establish a new integrated radiology management system, which will improve radiology workflow and enhance patient care in the healthcare group.

The Straits Times Online (18 June 2009)
The Business Times, pg 10 (19 June 2009)
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 13 (19 June 2009)

09 Jun 2009
SingHealth shares insights on clinical trial volunteers
Every year, an average of 5,000 people volunteer to take part in clinical trials conducted by the public healthcare sector here, with the majority enrolling in studies done at hospitals and specialty centres under the SingHealth group. Through these volunteers' selfless contributions, new medical treatments and cures can be discovered, bringing hope to patients.

Lianhe Wanbao, pg 9
06 Jun 2009
Medical social workers weave threads of heartwarming stories into a tapestry of care
As medical social workers in Singapore celebrate 60 years of their profession, SingHealth launched a book entitled "Tapestry of Care - Voices of Medical Social Workers". The book contains 47 heartwarming stories contributed by 69 medical social workers in Singapore, describing the multi-faceted journeys they took with patients, and the defining moments that shaped their personal and professional lives.

Lianhe Wanbao, pg 8
Lianhe Wanbao, pg 9
The Sunday Times, pg 10 (7 June 2009)
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 5 (7 June 2009)
14 May 2009
SingHealth cares for its staff
Although there is no confirmed H1N1 cases in Singapore, SingHealth healthcare professionals have worked hard at the frontline to ensure public health safety. In appreciation of staff's efforts, SingHealth has come up with a slew of initiatives to thank its staff and beat their stress levels. 

The Straits Times Online (14 May 2009)
16 Apr 2009
Clinical trials are essential to advancing medicine

SingHealth is boosting its clinical research activities through its new centralised Institutional Review Board, which safeguards ethical standards for research involving humans, as well as a new Investigational Medicine Unit, which focuses on early phase clinical trials. Clinical trials are essential in our search for new treatments and cures, and SingHealth is thus stepping up educational efforts among the general public on what clinical trials are and the roles we can play.

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 3
The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), pg 16-17

15 Apr 2009
Use of IT in healthcare setting helps patients get better faster
Patients and healthcare professionals alike are increasingly benefiting from the widespread use of information technology. At the national level, the upcoming Electronic Health Record system will enable doctors islandwide to access patients' shared medical records that will help them treat patients quickly and accurately. At SingHealth, a strong advocate of the use of technology, many innovative IT devices have been implemented over the years in its hospitals, specialty centres and polyclinics to enhance patient care and transform the way doctors and nurses operate.

The Straits Times (Digital Life), pg 8-10
06 Apr 2009
Incredible journey of SingHealth patients
The latest SingHealth Annual Report centres around our patients, celebrating their incredible journey to recovery with the help of multidisciplinary medical teams in the various SingHealth institutions. Reflecting our staff motto of "Patients. At the heart of all we do.", these heartwarming stories spur our healthcare professionals to do even better for our patients. 

The New Paper, pg 13 (6 April 2009)
Lianhe Wanbao, pg 14 (25 April 2009) 
Lianhe Wanbao, pg   6 (2 May 2009)
Lianhe Wanbao, pg 7 (8 June 2009) 
Lianhe Wanbao, pg 6 (14 June 2009)

Shin Min Daily News, pg 6 (20 May 2009)
Shin Min Daily News, pg 8 (21 May 2009)
Shin Min Daily News, pg 8 (23 May 2009)
09 Feb 2009
Demand for more Allied Health Professionals in SingHealth
As our population ages, demand for healthcare services will continue to increase. SingHealth will be continuing to recruit people to contribute to our hospital operations in the areas of service, education and research. With our emphasis on a multidisciplinary patient-centric healthcare approach, majority of the jobs will be in nursing and allied health professions.  

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 1 (Overview on the demand for Allied Health Professionals)
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 1 & 9 (Speech Therapist)
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 9 (Physiotherapist)
19 Jan 2009
Opportunities for a healthcare career in SingHealth
In early January, the Health Ministry announced plans to create 4,500 jobs in the public health sector within the new two years, with another 1,700 to follow soon after. Singapore's largest public healthcare group, SingHealth, outlines three allied health professions that have positions open.

The Straits Times, pg B4 (Medical Social Worker)
The Straits Times, pg B4 (Occupational Therapist)
The Straits Times, pg B4 (Dietitian)
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