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03 Dec 2010
SingHealth and Bayer HealthCare collaborate to advance cancer treatments and diagnostics
Bayer HealthCare announced five research collaborations with four Singapore institutes, including SingHealth, to advance cancer treatments and diagnostics. The investment, worth $14.5m, is Bayer HealthCare's largest in Singapore. SingHealth is partnering the pharmaceutical company on preclinical research to identify cancer types that best respond to targeted therapy and to test the efficacy of new imaging compounds to detect cancer. The two organisations are also working together on a clinical project that will test whether novel bioimaging agents can effectively distinguish between cancer cells and inflammation, something current agents are unable to do.

The Straits Times - pg C8
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 11
19 Nov 2010
Honouring Singapore's Top Enrolled Nurses for 2010
Ten outstanding enrolled nurses from Singapore's healthcare institutions were honoured at the 4th Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2010.  The Award, the highest accolade for enrolled nurses in Singapore, recognises talented and promising nurses who are dedicated to advancing the profession.  SingHealth nurses garnered three of the awards.

Lianhe Wanbao, pg 10 (19 November 2010)
Berita Harian, pg 2 (22 November 2010)
23 Oct 2010
Treating that hurting shoulder

A recent study on treatment of shoulder pain showed that out of 101 patients surveyed, 20 per cent of them experience more pain relief, and 15 per cent have better shoulder function when they use ultrasound guided injection as opposed to ‘blind’ injections. This study by Dr Edmund Soh, from the department of Diagnostic Radiology at Singapore General Hospital, was awarded Best Oral Presentation Award in the category of Evidence-based Medicine (Ambulatory and Clinical Support Services) at the recent SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2010. Read more about ultrasound guided corticosteroid injections and Hydrodilatation treatment for shoulder pains.

The Business Times Weekend - p L15

16 Oct 2010
DPM Teo Chee Hean announces doubling of clinician-scientists at inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress

Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Mr Teo Chee Hean, announced the doubling of national clinician-scientists by 2015. He made the announcement at the inaugural SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress, held from 15-16 October 2010. The theme of the Congress was "Bridging Healthcare in the 21st Century" and saw more than 2,000 delegates from SingHealth institutions and overseas institutions exchange ideas and share latest findings. More than 650 abstracts were submitted for presentation at the Congress across categories spanning basic science to evidence-based medicine and health services and systems research.

The Straits Times - pg B6
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 12
The Business Times - pg 17

16 Oct 2010
SingHealth supports President's Challenge 2010 with record sum

SingHealth presented His Excellency, President S R Nathan, with a cheque for $380,000 at an event held at the Istana today. The result of four months of fundraising, this is the highest amount raised by SingHealth for beneficiaries of the President’s Challenge. Other than raising funds, SingHealth staff engaged the charity in a range of fun-raising activities. Inline with the theme ‘We are One Family”, beneficiaries received the added boon of having big brothers and sisters from SingHealth take them on expeditions to the Jurong Bird Park, the Singapore Flyer; share bedtime stories and tips on makeup; and teach them a few smooth dance moves, which the beneficiaries got to show off to the President at the close of the SingHealth fundraising drive today.

The Straits Times - pg B18
Berita Harian - pg 2

14 Oct 2010
SGH and NTU present world-first device in conjunction with SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress

A long-standing research collaboration between Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has led to the development of a more accurate method to objectively assess the risk of cardiac arrest in critically ill A&E patients. The team of reseachers is now looking to validate these initial results and to develop the software into a portable diagnostic device with a commercial partner. These findings will be presented at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress this weekend. The research was supported by grants from SingHealth Foundation and NTU.

The Straits Times - pg B11
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 1 & 12

05 Oct 2010
SingHealth sending medical team to Pakistan

In partnership with Mercy Relief and Pakistani medical centre, South City Hospital, SingHealth will be sending a medical team to aid residents in flood-devastated Pakistan. The eight person team, comprising two doctors and six nurses, is the first medical team that Singapore is sending since the floods ravaged the north-west region of Pakistan in late July. SingHealth has been deploying teams on humanitarian relief missions since 2001.

The Straits Times - pg B2
Berita Harian - pg 2
Lianhe Zaoabo, 8 Oct - pg 6
Berita Harian, 14 Oct - pg 3

12 Aug 2010
Clinical trials are essential to advancing medicine

SingHealth's recently launched Investigational Medicine Unit (IMU), is a dedicated clinical trials facility. It focuses on early phase trials and therefore looks for both healthy and patient volunteers to take part in its studies. But what are volunteers required to do? Dr Darren Lim, SingHealth IMU's acting director, explains the role of volunteers, the safeguards in place and dispels common myths.

Lianhe Zaobao (zbNOW), pg 2

31 Jul 2010
SingHealth opens largest early-phase clinical trial unit
SingHealth launched a $20 million early-phase clinical research unit, which is located at the heart of SGH Campus. The SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit (IMU) is funded by the National Medical Research Council, the Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and SingHealth. The unit, the largest of its kind in Singapore, is a ready platform for local clinician-scientists and external partners to conduct early-stage clinical research. By nurturing clinician-scientists at the forefront of their medical specialty, patients stand to benefit, regardless of whether they consent to participate in clinical trials.

The Straits Times, pg B1
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 15
The Business Times, pg 16
29 Jul 2010
SingHealth Nurses' Day Celebrations 2010

A surprise guest gatecrashed the SingHealth Nurses' Day movie-themed party this year. Appearing in disguise, Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Prime Minister's Office and Secretary-General, NTUC, heroically arived at the party as the legendary Zorro, giving out roses to the nurses in appreciation of their dedication in caring for patients. Minister Lim also launched a community outreach programme initiated by SingHealth nurses and the Healthcare Services Employees Union (HSEU), to help needy patients upon discharge with the necessary resources to manage their conditions at home. Read more about the celebrations.

The Straits Times, pg B6
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 6
mypaper, pg A3

21 Jul 2010
SingHealth-HSEU Community Outreach Programme

The joint programme by SingHealth and the Healthcare Services Employees' Union (HSEU) aims to ensure continuity of care for needy patients who are discharged from hospitals. They and their caregivers will be equipped with resources to manage their health conditions at home, so as to avoid hospital readmission. Read about how SingHealth nurse volunteers, many of whom are HSEU's leaders and members, provide ceaseless care for these patients.

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 5 (21 July)
Berita Harian, pg 4 (22 July)

13 Jul 2010
SingHealth Announces Integration of Transplant Services

SingHealth intends to bring the group's transplant programmes together to enable healthcare professionals to deepen their knowledge and understanding of transplants, streamline operations and provide a dedicated service to patients. Professor London Ooi, head of SGH's division of surgery and chairman of the steering committee to develop the transplant centre, said that a one-stop clinic will mean that patients with other medical issues will no longer need to shuttle from one clinic to another. This cuts the risk of them contracting infections, given that transplant patients often have low immunity. He also outlined the development phases of SingHealth Comprehensive Transplant Services, with a specialist SOC set up by 2012 and a transplant ward by 2015.

The Straits Times, pg B2 (13 July)
Lianhe Zaoabo, pg 9 (13 July)

Minister's Blog (10 July)

16 Apr 2010
Grants to get medical grads to come home

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan introduced the "pre-employment grant" (PEG) to woo overseas medical students to come home and serve in public hospitals facing a shortage of doctors. SingHealth's Group Chief Executive, Professor Tan Ser Kiat said the grant complements SingHealth's ongoing efforts to engage Singaporean students abroad. Singapore medical students who qualify for the PEG could also look forward to the new residency programme that offers an additional opportunity for specialty training.

The Straits Times - pg A10

29 Mar 2010
SingHealth to upgrade HR systems

SingHealth teamed up with IBM and SAP to standardise its human resources processes for about 23,000 users. Under a single platform, this standardisation sets SingHealth on a good foundation for future technology innovations. Ms Anna Fok, group human resources director at SingHealth said the consolidation and optimisation of HR applications and infrastructure further positions SingHealth well for growth and service demands in the future.

The Business Times - pg 30

27 Mar 2010
Vickers' House Reunion
Vickers' House, one of Singapore's oldest nurses hostel, will soon make way for the new National Heart Centre Singapore building in the second quarter of 2010. To commemorate the historical past of Vickers' House as a nurses hostel from the 1950s to the 1990s, SingHealth nurses organised a reunion for nurses who once lived in the hostel to walk down memory lane.

The Straits Times, pg B2
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 14
24 Mar 2010
SingHealth trains staff to handle abusive patients and visitors

SingHealth hospitals, Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital, reported an increase in the number of reported verbal and physical abuse cases since 2008. The climbing figures point at a rise in patients' expectations amid an increase in patient load, resulting in "service gaps" which sometimes keep patients waiting longer. Read about how our staff are prepared to manage aggression and violence at the workplace.

The Straits Times - p B4

05 Mar 2010
SingHealth Inspirational Patient Award
SingHealth's heroes - patients who, despite having terminal illnesses, remain positive and selfless, encouraging and supporting fellow patients, were recently recognised with the SingHealth Inspirational Patient Award. Read about the courage and compassion of these patients who touched the lives of many others.

The New Paper - p 12-13 (5 March)
The Straits Times - p B6-B7 (6 March)
23 Jan 2010
SingHealth helps nursing homes save through cost-effective procurement practices

SingHealth Group Procurement Office (GPO) will be extending its expertise in procurement and relieve 30 nursing homes from the burden of sourcing for the best value products, so that they can focus on providing quality care for their residents. These nursing homes will benefit from cost savings for the purchase of basic necessities such as milk feeds and diapers.  This initiative is a two-year partnership between the nursing homes, the Agency for Integrated Care, and SingHealth GPO.

The Straits Times - pg B9
The Business Times - pg 18
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 17

17 Jan 2010
SingHealth launches Healthxchange portal for Asians
SingHealth launches a new health website portal, Healthxchange ( to empower Singaporeans to start talking health can take charge of their healthcare needs. Healthxchange, created specifically for Asians, provides a trusted channel for participants to bring their healthcare queries and concerns online to qualified healthcare professionals and exchange views and information on their healthcare needs through interactive user-generated sections.

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 11
17 Jan 2010
SingHealth institutions adopt measures to prevent patient falls

Elderly patients are prone to falls and injury from such accidents may complicate or worsen their medical condition. Always on the lookout for ways to improve the well-being of our patients, nurses at SingHealth institutions have come up with a slew of measures in recent years to reduce the risks of patient falls.  

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 9

16 Jan 2010
Singapore-China collaboration to benefit up to 35 million people across Fujian

SingHealth and Fujian Provincial Health Bureau collaborate to equip healthcare professionals in China to enhance the primary healthcare system in Fujian. The primary care 'training-of-trainers' programme is underwritten by a grant of approximately S$660,000 from Temasek Foundation.  It aims to certify 110 healthcare professionals who will in turn train up to 5,500 healthcare professionals working in primary healthcare centres that benefit 35 million people across Fujian.  

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 15

07 Jan 2010
SingHealth's clinical improvement project gets quicker medical help to heart patients

Patients with heart failure can now receive quicker help through findings from a Clinical Practice Improvement Programme (CPIP) project done by National Heart Centre Singapore. This is part of SingHealth's CPIP to enhance clinical service and quality for patients. By reassembling the extracorporeal life support that helps to resuscitate patients suffering from heart attacks, the time taken to reach patients with heart failure has been reduced by 50 per cent.  

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 6 

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