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    10 Dec 2011
    Leadership Succession at Largest Public Healthcare Group

    Professor Tan Ser Kiat, SingHealth’s Group Chief Executive since its inception in April 2000, will retire after 40 years in public service and pass the leadership baton to Professor Ivy Ng, currently Deputy Chief Executive of SingHealth and Chief Executive of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). Associate Professor Kenneth Kwek, who is currently KKH's Chairman of the Medical Board (CMB) will be the hospital's new CEO. Professor Alex Sia will be appointed as the Hospital’s new Chairman of the Medical Board. The SingHealth leadership changes will take effect on 22 January 2012.

    The Straits Times - pg A30
    The Business Times - pg 17
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 11
    Berita Harian - pg 2

    12 Nov 2011
    SingHealth Silver Years Forum

    In the next 10 years, Singapore’s population of people aged 65 or older is expected to triple by 2030. Pro-active healthcare, a healthy lifestyle, early detection and treatment of any medical conditions are crucial. The recently held SingHealth Silver Years Forum brought together keynote speakers from the various SingHealth institutions who shared key health issues that we face today and the importance of preventive healthcare. Topics covered include chronic pain management, colon health, dementia and nutrition for the elderly. The forum attracted more than 550 participants.

    The Straits Times (Mind Your Body) - pg 8-9

    28 Sep 2011
    SingHealth Medicine Scholarship – Nurturing the Future of Medicine

    The SingHealth Medicine Scholarship was awarded to eight outstanding first-year Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine students in an award ceremony on 28 September. Four scholarships are granted in each academic year to students who had demonstrated excellent academic results and proven leadership achievements. These students are also chosen for their strong desire to serve in public healthcare and their passion for community service. The scholarship is open to Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and International students, and will cover the scholars’ education expenses as well as their university fees throughout their candidature.

    The New Paper - pg 11

    17 Sep 2011
    SingHealth Quality Convention 2011 - Better Patient Outcomes Through Innovation

    Launched in 2002, the SingHealth Quality Convention is a platform for SingHealth institutions to come together and share invaluable experiences and lessons learnt in undertaking quality improvement initiatives that benefit patients. This year, 72 quality improvement initiatives were featured at the Convention. Each initiative demonstrated our healthcare professionals' commitment to enhance clinical outcomes and patient experience through innovation.

    The Sunday Times (18 September) - pg 16
    Lianhe Zaobao (16 September) - pg 10

    27 Aug 2011
    SingHealth Transplant Awareness Roadshow 2011

    Transplantation rates in Singapore have been growing steadily, however the number of patients who require a transplant has also been on the rise. In order to increase public awareness of life-saving transplantations and encourage organ and tissue donation, SingHealth Transplant organised its inaugural Transplant Awareness Roadshow at Suntec City Mall from 27 to 28 August. The exciting weekend event featured a special runway show called Gift of Life, Gift of Hope with transplant recipients and healthcare professionals such as Transplant Coordinators, Medical Social Workers and Scientific Officers, strutting the runway to celebrate the gift of life that transplants bring.  

    The Straits Times (24 September) - pg R1
    Lianhe Wanbao (19 September) - pg 6
    Lianhe Zaobao (28 August) - pg 13
    The Straits Times (26 August) - pg C6
    The Straits Times (26 August) - pg C6
    The Straits Times (26 August) - pg C6
    The Straits Times (26 August) - pg C6
    Lianhe Wanbao (24 August) - pg 4
    The New Paper (25 July) - pg 4
    Lianhe Wanbao (19 July) - pg 7
    Lianhe Wanbao (30 June) - pg 6 

    25 Aug 2011
    SingHealth's Supply Chain Management Congress 2011

    SingHealth's Supply Chain Management Congress 2011 themed “Transforming Healthcare through Innovative Supply Chain” brought together healthcare procurement professionals and stakeholders from more than 40 healthcare institutions and companies to engage in lively discussions on the future of healthcare procurement.To mark a decade of achievements by SingHealth’s Group Procurement Office (GPO), Singapore's first healthcare procurement book, Purchasing Cures, was launched at the congress by Guest of Honour Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for The Environment, and Water Resources,  together with Professor Tan Ser Kiat, SingHealth Group CEO, Professor Ivy Ng, SingHealth Deputy CEO and Mr Tan Jack Thian, SingHealth Group Chief Procurement Officer. At the event, SingHealth also revealed nearly $200million savings realised through innovative group procurement practices.

    The Straits Times - pg C8

    29 Jul 2011
    SingHealth Nurses' Day Celebration 2011

    SingHealth nurses staged a musical for the first time to celebrate Nurses' Day this year. The musical, "Hey Florence!" highlighted the day-to-day life of nurses and their job challenges. Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the less fortunate with a total of $30,000 raised for President's Challenge. SingHealth has been organising fund-raising initiatives in aid of President's Challenge since 2004 and raised a total of $260,000 for the charity this year. Guests for the evening included President S R Nathan, Mrs Nathan and Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong. SingHealth nurses were also presented with top honours and scholarships from SingHealth-Lee Foundation-D.S. Lee Foundation Nursing Award and SingHealth Alice Lee IAN Scholarship in recognition of their dedication and efforts.

    Berita Harian - pg 2
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 12
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 12
    Berita Harian - pg 3

    25 Jul 2011
    Lee Foundation donates $5million to SingHealth Transplant

    At the launch of its inaugural SingHealth Transplant Coordinator Award, SingHealth Transplant announced that it received a boost from Lee Foundation in the form of a $5million donation. The generous donation will be used to increase public awareness and understanding of organ and tissue transplants, train staff and support patient care and research.

    The inaugural SingHealth Transplant Coordinator Award celebrates the work of transplant coordinators, who coordinate patients’ care throughout their transplant journey and provide invaluable support to patients and their families. Awards were given out in three categories: Dedication Award for long service; Most Inspiring Transplant Coordinator and Most Outstanding Transplant Coordinator.

    The Straits Times (30 July) - pg B15
    Lianhe Zaobao (26 July) - pg 7
    Berita Harian (26 July) - pg 2
    My Paper (27 July) - pg A6

    19 Jul 2011
    SGH research identifies top locations for AEDs

    New research conducted by Singapore General Hospital researchers identified key locations where implementation of a public access defibrillation scheme can most effectively lower heart attack death.Professor Marcus Ong, who also chairs the Pan-Asian Resuscitation Outcomes Study (PAROS), a research network jointly funded by SingHealth and the Singapore Clinical Research Institute, highlighted studies like this will feed into the nine-country network. PAROS aims to identify what makes the most effective emergency response systems based on countries different needs as well as best practices that can be shared throughout the network.

    The Straits Times - pg B3

    22 Jun 2011
    Trials over drug trials in Singapore

    Professor Soo Khee Chee, winner of the inaugural Benjamin Sheares Professorship, founding director of National Cancer Centre Singapore and deputy chief executive officer at SingHealth speaks to The Straits Times about his current crusade to prep Singapore for large-scale investigator-initiated trials on patients. Read more about the reasons behind the lack of Phase 3 trials in Singapore, Professor Soo's view on how these problems can be solved and the direction of research for cancer treatment.

    The Straits Times, ST Interview - p A14

    21 Jun 2011
    Scoping out tumours

    A scope that can not only pinpoint suspicious tumours but also test, in real time, if they are cancerous is being created at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, in a bid to improve detection rates so patients can get treatment early. Professor Soo Khee Chee, Director of National Cancer Centre and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Research and Education at SingHealth, shares more about the upcoming device that will improve cancer detection rates.

    The Straits Times - pg A8

    20 Jun 2011
    Transplant Coordinator at SingHealth, An Exceptional Profession
    SingHealth's transplant programmes such as kidney, liver, heart, lung, cornea, skin, cardiovascular homograft, blood stem cell and umbilical cord blood have benefitted many people, giving them new hope and a new life. Few know about the work of Transplant Coordinators and how they have touched the lives of patients. Ms Geraldine Tay, Transplant Coordinator for National Heart Centre's Cardiovascular Homograft Bank and Singapore General Hospital's Skin Bank shares about her job challenges, her experiences with patients and families and what she finds fulfilling.

    Lianhe Wanbao - pg 9
    15 Jun 2011
    SingHealth Hospitals achieve advanced healthcare-IT global standard for use of technology to transform patient care

    SingHealth hospitals, Singapore General Hospital and KK Women's and Children's Hospital are two of four local public healthcare institutions to receive an international award from HIMSS Analytics for using technology to improve patient care. HIMSS Analytics, a global healthcare IT data firm that grades hospitals on their progress towards creating a "paperless environment" has awarded the hospitals for achieving stage six, just a grade short of a completely paperless environment. This is the first time that HIMSS analytics has graded hospitals in Singapore. 

    The Straits Times - pg B8
    The Business Times - pg 13
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 8
    My Paper - pg A02

    04 Jun 2011
    Importance of tissue banking to treatment

    The SingHealth Tissue Repository is one of Singapore's leading biobanks. It consists of a Biospecimen Bank and a Tissue Bank. To accommodate the growing need of SingHealth researchers, the Repository will move into expanded, purpose-built facilities in the Discovery Tower of The Academia, which will be completed in 2013.

    The Repository, which has close to 9,000 tumour samples, forms a key component of the research chain and helps to bring new treatments and diagnostic tests to patients' bedside. However, its potential to bring new treatments to patients depends on patients' willingness to donate leftover tumour tissues to research.

    The Straits Times - pg D6-7

    09 May 2011
    SGH Campus improves facilities to meet growing need

    SGH Campus is undergoing a transformation to build new facilities and expand its capacity to meet the growing demands of the population and accommodate the corresponding expanding staff strength to improve patient care. In addition to improving patient care services; education and training as well as research infrastructure are also being expanded to improve healthcare delivery for the ultimate benefit of patients.

    The Straits Times (9 May) - pg B2-3
    The Straits Times (3 June) - pg B2

    16 Apr 2011
    Allied Health Professionals in SingHealth

    Podiatry, a medical speciality focused on the diagnosis, treatment and management of foot disorders and lower limb conditions, is one of the lesser known allied health professions in Singapore. As SingHealth celebrates Podiatry Day on 21 April, SGH podiatrist Ms Marabelle Heng, shares how she embarked on her career, her experiences with patients, and advice for those who want to follow in her footsteps. 

    The Straits Times, Recruit - pg R1 

    01 Apr 2011
    SingHealth tasked to take on Bright Vision Hospital

    SingHealth has been tasked to take over the management of Bright Vision Hospital from Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services. Since last year, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has been helping Bright Vision improve its workflow and efficiency. The hospital, which retains its charity and IPC status, will continue to provide quality care to needy patients. Click here to read the full announcement.

    The Straits Times - pg B2
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 8

    26 Mar 2011
    Allied Health Professionals in SingHealth

    Lots of energy, a large dose of passion and a heart for people and their problems - these are some qualities a medical social worker need to excel in the profession.  More than four years into the job, National Heart Centre Singapore medical social worker Jan Koh talks about the challenges she faced, what she finds fulfilling, and keeps her going. SingHealth celebrates Medical Social Workers Day on 16 March.

    The Straits Times, Recruit - pg R1  

    22 Mar 2011
    SingHealth and SGH launch Singapore’s first smartphone application

    SingHealth and SGH launch Singapore's first smartphone health diary application for rheumatoid arthritis. The application empowers patients who suffer from the  debilitating condition to accurately monitor their disease and get timely medical help. Using an easy questionnaire that tracks patients’ daily activities, level of pain and general health, the health diary application is able to calculate the severity of their condition and present them in graphs or tables that both patients and caregivers can easily read, and print out to show their doctor.

    The Straits Times - pg B4
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 8
    My Paper - pg A4
    Lianhe Wanbao - pg 8

    02 Mar 2011
    SingHealth Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Awards 2011

    This year, SingHealth introduced a new award category recognising inspirational caregivers to its annual Inspirational Patient Award. The SingHealth Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Awards 2011 honoured 37 inspiring patients and caregivers for their outstanding commitment and positive attitude in dealing with difficult health conditions and situations. Read more about patients who have displayed positive attitudes to help themselves and others, and caregivers dedicated to improve the health of their loved ones.

    The Straits Times - pg A34
    The Straits Times, Mind Your Body (3 March) - pg 10-11
    Lianhe Zaobao, zbW - pg 16-17
    Berita Minggu (27 Feburary) - p12
    Berita Minggu (6 March) - p7

    26 Feb 2011
    Allied Health Professionals in SingHealth

    A pharmacist's role today is more than just dispensing medicine. KKH pharmacist Dorothy Lee shares about the diverse roles that pharmacists play, how they ensure that patients enjoy a wholesome healthcare experience and what makes a pharmacy career meaningful.

    The Straits Times, Recruit - pg R1

    26 Jan 2011
    SingHealth establishes Singapore Health Quality Service Award

    SingHealth has established the inaugural Singapore Health Quality Service award to focus on top service performers in the public healthcare industry. The award, the first of its kind dedicated to the public healthcare industry recognises the service commitment of more than 2,500 staff from SingHealth institutions and partner organisations, such as Bright Vision Hospital and St Andrew’s Community Hospital. Going forward, SingHealth invites other members of the public healthcare familyto join the awards to reinforce service excellence in healthcare. Read more about an outstanding performer from the Allied Health category who was conferred the Superstar Awards and an outstanding team who was presented with the Best Team award to recognise their efforts in process improvement and enhancing patient care.

    The Straits Times, Mind Your Body - pg 10-11
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 9
    The Business Times - pg 12

    25 Jan 2011
    SingHealth offers new scholarship and announces name of new building

    SingHealth launched a new scholarship that offer grants up to four outstanding first-year medical students per year, who want to serve in public healthcare. Through the scholarships, SingHealth aims to groom committed talent to be the next generation of medical leaders for Singapore. SingHealth also unveiled the name of a new 13-storey twin-tower building, to be ready in 2013, which will house SGH pathology services, as well as SingHealth research and education facilities.

    The Straits Times - pg B9
    My Paper - pg A3
    Lianhe Zaobao - pg 9  

    15 Jan 2011
    SingHealth celebrates Allied Health Professionals Community Day

    SingHealth brought together more than 40 professions in Allied Health from SingHealth and other healthcare groups, in an event themed “Many Talents, One Passion”. The event celebrated and recognised the contributions and dedication of this diverse yet indispensable group of healthcare professionals. A book titled, 'Many Talents, One Passion - In Praise of Healthcare Heroes', the first local publication that compiles more than 100 stories of Singapore's allied health professionals' passion for what they do and their aspirations for the future of healthcare, was launched. The SingHealth Innovative Practice Award was also presented to three winning projects for improving patient care.

    The Straits Times - pg 16 (16 January)
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    Lianhe Wanbao - pg 4 (6 February)
    Lianhe Wanbao - pg 9 (11 February)
    Lianhe Wanbao - pg 2 (12 February) 


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