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    The SingHealth Regional Health System (RHS) was set up to develop and strengthen partnerships across care providers in the Southern region of Singapore, both private and public, and across care settings – tertiary, primary and community care, to deliver integrated care to its ageing population.

    The RHS also leverages health services research to understand patients’ healthcare utilisation patterns and identify appropriate care interventions for different groups of patients. 


    Getting Connected: Esther Network Singapore

    Our elderly's wishes are simple: to have easy access to healthcare when they need it, and to live independently and confidently in the community, close to loved ones.  In Sweden, the Jönköping County Council set up the Esther Network to help their elderly meet these needs.

    “Esther” is a symbolic 88-year-old woman who requires the coordination between different care settings to address her needs. The person-centred Network constantly seeks to answer the question, “What is best for Esther?” by putting the individual at the heart of all its work.   

    The Esther Network Singapore aims to do the same by facilitating partnerships among acute, primary, intermediate and long-term care providers, community partners and voluntary welfare organisations.

    Our vision:
    To develop a responsive and robust network committed to person-centred improvement in care delivery so that “Esther” can live confidently and independently in the community


    If you would like to be part of the Esther Network Singapore, email:


    Key Milestones of Esther Network Singapore

    June 2016:        

    • Launch of Esther Network Singapore at the inaugural SingHealth RHS Forum
    • First run of the Esther Coaches Training Programme (60 Coaches)
    • First Esther Café: Sharing by SGH patient Mr Peter on his healthcare journey  

    Much like the Swedish “Esther”, we too have our very own “Mdm Teo”, a Singaporean woman in her 70s with complex care needs. Find out what truly matters to her:
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