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SingHealth Trailblazers

    "Research and innovation open doors to new treatments and advances medical care. My work as a clinician and researcher complements each other and it is fulfilling to know this will improve the care and health outcomes of my patients."

    Associate Professor Deidre Anne De Silva
    Consultant, Neurology
    National Neuroscience InstituteAssociate Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical SchoolDirector (Clinical Research/SGH), Neuroscience Academic Clinical Program

    "Medical research advances healthcare and defines the future of medicine. My work as a clinician researcher has enabled me to better understand my patients’ conditions and I am motivated by a desire to make discoveries that will improve treatment outcomes."

    Dr Goh Bee Tin
    Senior Consultant, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Head, Research
    National Dental Centre Singapore

    "Being a clinician educator is more than imparting knowledge; it enables me to learn and grow with my younger colleagues, who can then take patient care to the next level."

    Dr Jason Chan
    Deputy Clinic Director
    SingHealth Polyclinics

    "Medical education allows knowledge, experience and values to be passed on and improved upon, all for the benefit of our patients."

    Associate Prof Lim Soo Teik
    Deputy Medical Director & Senior Consultant, Cardiology
    National Heart Centre Singapore

    "Mentoring is really a two-way process that is more than just teaching. The fresh perspectives I get from the frequent interactions offer new insights that support my professional development, enabling me to become a better physician."

    Dr Ong Kong Wee
    Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology
    National Cancer Centre Singapore
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

    "At SingHealth, the synergy we achieve from collaborations with like-minded clinicians and clinician scientists have helped us develop expertise and improve lives. It’s satisfying to know that I’m in a privileged position to play a part in improving patient outcomes."

    Prof Pierce Chow Kah Hoe
    Senior Consultant Surgeon, Surgical Oncology
    National Cancer Center Singapore
    Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary and Transplant Surgery
    Singapore General Hospital
    Course Director, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
    Senior Clinician-Scientist, National Medical Research Council

    "As a clinician educator, I am able to fulfill my passion for teaching while continuing to treat patients. It is a privilege to share knowledge and experiences with the next generation as they can then take patient care to the next level."

    Dr Raveen Ishwardas Shahdadpuri
    Consultant, General Paediatrics
    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
    Program Director, SingHealth Paediatrics Residency Program
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

    "I believe that in order to practise the best clinical medicine, academia and research are a must. Here in SingHealth, we have a strong collaborative culture, because research is what drives clinical excellence."

    Prof Stuart Alexander Cook
    Senior Consultant, Clinical and Molecular Cardiology
    Distinguished Clinician Scientist and Senior Research Advisor
    National Heart Centre Singapore

    "Having a part to play in educating the next generation of healthcare professionals is a privilege and an immense responsibility. Through education, I hope to inspire more like-minded individuals to join us in improving tomorrow’s medicine."

    Dr Winnie Lam
    Consultant, Dept of Nuclear Medicine and PET
    Singapore General Hospital
    Program director, Nuclear Medicine Senior Residency Program

    "It is enormously rewarding to play a part in the development of our next generation of medical professionals. Watching them grow and take our current level of expertise to greater heights makes mentoring all worthwhile."

    Dr Steven Teo
    Consultant, Reproductive Medicine
    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

    Pictured with mentee (left)
    Dr Jill Lee
    SingHealth Resident (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

    "Having a good mentor enables learning beyond the classroom and has helped widen my clinical knowledge base. It has also helped me better understand my strengths and capabilities and I’m now more confident in my area of practice."