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Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

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    Movers & Shakers in Healthcare

    SingHealth's Allied Health Professionals, working alongside doctors and nurses, are important in the delivery of care for patients. They are regarded as experts in their fields of practice and are required to make independent assessments and decisions about the choice of treatment for the patients.


    Audiologists assess patients with ear abnomalities and/or auditory disorders; make comprehensive audiological evaluations using specialised instruments and electronic equipments. They conduct habilitative and rehabilitative programs for the hearing handicapped and their family members, including counselling, auditory training and lip reading. Audiologists also select and programme the most suitable hearing device, and give advice on its proper care and maintenance. 

    Diagnostic Radiographers

    Diagnostic Radiographers take high-quality images of the human body to diagnose injuries or diseases for proper treatments. They may choose to specialise in certain imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer tomography (CT) scans and ultrasound.


    Dietitians use their knowledge of food and nutrition to help patients maintain and enhance their nutritional well-being. Dietitians also work to translate scientific evidence-based research on nutrition, health and disease into practical nutrition guidelines.

    Medical Social Workers

    Medical Social Workers care about the people and the social conditions in which they live in. They alleviate patients' stress by assisting them to cope with grief, life transitions, hospitalisation, and reintegration to society.

    Medical / Laboratory Technologists

    Medical / Laboratory Technologists conducts a wide array of diagnostic laboratory tests to analyse and detect problems at the cellular and molecular levels to help in the diagnosis of patient conditions and diseases.

    Occupational Therapists

    Occupational Therapists focus on helping patients achieve independent function in all aspects of daily life. They treat patients' physical conditions as well as assess and address mental health issues.


    Optometrists perform objective and subjective eye examination to determine the type of refractive error so as to provide patients with the appropriate prescription for the use of getting vision corrective aids such as spectacles and contact lenses.

    Oral Health Therapist

    Oral Health Therapist advocates the importance of oral health care and is responsible in maintaining patients' oral health as well as prescribing preventive methods of oral diseases. 


    Orthoptists assess and treat patients who have problems with eye movement and coordination, such as a lazy eye or squint. They work in tandem with other ophthalmic professionals to help patients manage diseases such as cataract, retinal and neurological problems.


    Pharmacists are experts in drugs and medicine. They dispense medicine and educate patients on their proper use in relation to their medical condition, dosage, possible side effects, allergies, and concurrent use of other medicines.


    Physiotherapists concentrate on building muscle strength, increasing exercise tolerance, expanding respiratory functions, relieving pain, and improving joint mobility. Their main goal is to work with patients to get them back to their original, if not better, physical state.


    Podiatrists treat a range of problems related to the foot and lower limbs from corns and calluses, to high-risk diabetes mellitus (DM) patients. They also prescribe insoles to help with the misalignment of the feet.


    Psychologists talk to and observe patients to assess their mental state and emotional wellbeing. They use therapy to help patients cope with their psychiatric condition to improve general conditions and psychological wellbeing.

    Radiation Therapists

    Radiation Therapists are trained in all aspects of the treatment for cancer patients. They use sophisticated computerised radiation equipment and techniques to deliver and provide planned courses of radiation therapy to patients with precision and accuracy.

    Respiratory Therapists

    Respiratory Therapists are the experts in managing airways and accessing the vascular system. They evaluate and treat all types of patients ranging from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly people whose lungs may be diseased.

    Speech Therapists

    Speech Therapists diagnose and provide treatment related to speech, language, communication, cognition and swallowing disorders arising from brain injury, stroke, neurological injuries or degenerative disorders.

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