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      General Practitioner (GP)
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    General Practitioner (GP)

    General Practitioners (GPs) are key players in providing primary healthcare in Singapore. SingHealth believes in shifting the centre of gravity of healthcare back to the GPs

    General Practitioner Empowerment Programme (GPEP) is SingHealth’s commitment to enhance the development of new initiatives and partnership programmes that will bring about closer integration and cooperation between GPs and SingHealth.

    Patients of SingHealth's GPEP will benefit from the GPEP initiatives. The direct ward referral and fast track SOC appointment system will expedite and facilitate the referral procedures so that your patients can be seen promptly by our specialists for evaluation and management.

    At SingHealth, we believe in working together with GPs as partners. SingHealth’s GPEP and our specialists will work together as a team to provide quality healthcare for patients. Together with our specialists, you can co-manage your patients effectively – before, during and after specialist treatment, with patients being referred back to you for step down care.

    As GPEP members, you will be informed of the CME programmes that are customised to meet your professional needs. You will be able to keep abreast of the latest advances in healthcare and developments in medical science and technology through workshops, seminars and specific skills courses.

    Join us! Let SingHealth be your partner in healthcare.

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