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11 January 2008
SingHealth's Aescapulus Oct-Dec 2007

 Aescapulus Oct-Dec 07

Medical Update
1. Allergen Avoidance in Asthma
2. Cardiac CT: New Hope for the Heart
3. Uterine Fibroids - Non-invasive Treatment

Service Packages & Updates
1. Working with GPs and Eldercare Agencies to improve mental health of the elderly
2. Children's Cancer Centre Opens as One of the Largest in Southeast Asia
3. DOT Eldercare Skills Programme for Family Physicians
4. Allergy Clinic at SGH
5. 9th Singapore Stroke Conference
6. 2nd Cardiology Update

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14 September 2007
SingHealth's Aescapulus Jul-Sep 2007

 Aescapulus Jul-Sep 07

Medical Update
1. Expanded Newborn Screening Using Tandem Mass Spectometry
2. Pain Management Centre - Comprehensive Pain Management by SGH
3. Hearing Rehabilitation - An Update

Service Packages & Updates
1. Singapore's First Advanced Infant and Paediatric Simulators Arrive at KK Women's and Children's Hospital
2. Children On The - Move Exercise Programme for Children with Special Needs
3. Athlete Medical Screening Packages at CGH

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3 July 2007
SingHealth's Aescapulus Apr-Jun 2007

 Aescapulus Apr-Jun 07

Medical Update

1. SimPlant - Taking the guesswork out of implant dentistry
2. Colorectal Cancers - Targeted Therapy
3. Down Syndrome - Should all pregnant women undergo First Trimester Screening?

Service Packages & Updates
1. The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Book Review
Consultations in Geriatric Psychiatry

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18 April 2007
SingHealth's Aescapulus Jan-Mar 2007

 Aescapulus Jan-Mar 07

Medical Update

1. Recalcitrant Tennis Elbow Treated with Elbow Arthroscopy
2. New therapeutic agents, New thoughts
3. Colorectal Metastases - Surgical Update
4. Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery in National Heart Centre

Service Packages & Updates
1. NCCS Geriatric Oncology
2. Sensational Confessions

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