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9 December 2008
SingHealth's Aescapulus Oct-Dec 2008

Aescapulus Oct 2008 

Medical Update
1. Foot and Ankle Surgery Advances in Orthopaedic
2. Peripheral Arterial Disease - Diagnosing and Managing
3. Managing Lipid Problems & Metabolic Syndrome

Service Packages & Updates
1. New Endurance Fitness Test at Changi Sports Medicine Centre (CSMC)
2. CGH develops Singapore's First Online Weight Management Programme
3. NNI offers comprehensive care to spine and back patients

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26 June 2008
SingHealth's Aescapulus Jul-Sep 2008 

Aescapulus Jul 2008 Contents
Medical Update
1. Liver Cancer - Advances in Surgery and Transplantation
2. Diabetic Retinopathy: where can we do better
3. Cervicogenic Headache - A Frequently Missed Diagnosis
4. Liquid-based Cytology - Test of Choice

Service Packages & Updates
1. GPs can make direct referrals for Spirometry Lung Function Test

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17 September 2008
SingHealth's Aescapulus Apr-Jun 2008

Aescapulus Apr 2008 Contents
Medical Update

1. Spine Surgery - Minimally Invasive Surgery
2. Food Allergy in Singapore: Is there a problem?
3. Parkinson's Disease - Motor Control Lab at NNI

Service Packages & Updates
1. Get Healthy on "ACTIVE-8"
2. Pain Management Centre for Women at KKH
3. Osteoporosis and Disorders of Bone Metabolism
4. Acute Thrombolysis Stroke Service at NNI

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1 April 2008
SingHealth's Aescapulus Jan-Mar 2008

Aescapulus Jan 2008 Contents
Medical Update
1. Cardiothoracic Surgery @ NHC
2. Osteoporosis in Men - Evaluation and Management
3. Advances in Corneal Transplantation Surgery

Service Packages & Updates
1. SGH opens Life Centre - on stop facility for lifestyle-related medical conditions
2. Physiotherapist and podiatrist services in Geylang, Tampines and Sengkang
3. Singapore National Eye Centre opens new clinic in Balestier
4. Paediatric Dentistry Services at KK Women's and Children's Hospital
5. Antenatal FAST Scheme Saves Waiting Time at Hospital
6. Giving the Kiss of Life to Mental Health

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