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Nursing in SingHealth

SingHealth’s nurses all enjoy ample career development and training opportunities coupled with excellent clinical support. 

  • Mentorship, journal clubs, on the job training
  • Attendance and presentations at local and overseas conferences
  • Exchange programmes and specialised clinical skills training overseas
  • Scholarships for higher education both at local and overseas institutions (Specialised diploma programmes, Master programmes and PhDs)

Nurses in different settings provide different types of care and perform slightly different roles, however there are some similarities.

Enrolled Nurses (EN) provide basic nursing care to patients and assist Doctors and Registered Nurses with the provision of treatment and patient examinations.  They are also responsible for infection control and delivering patient education.

Staff or Registered Nurses (RN) carry out medical and nursing treatments and observe, assess and record patients conditions and progress.  They develop and manage nursing care plans to support patients improve or maintain their health, and provide teaching to patients and their families.  RNs collaborate with the specialist teams and department of nursing administration to plan, develop, implement and evaluate patient care standards and guidelines and educational materials relevant to their specialty of practice.

Nurse Clinicians (NC) specialise in a particular field of nursing such as Critical Care or Oncology.  They provide direct care to patients and perform specialised procedures in their area of practice.  A NC can progress on to becoming an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). 

Advanced Practice Nurse’s (APN) have acquired an expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills and clinical competencies for extended practice by undertaking a Masters in Nursing.  APNs practice in collaboration and partnership with medical practitioners and other health care professionals to:

  1. diagnose, treat and manage acute and/or chronic illnesses.  They will order and interpret appropriate diagnostic and laboratory tests, and furnish pharmacologic agents, treatments, and non-pharmacologic therapies.  Educating and counselling individuals and their families, conducting comprehensive health assessments aimed at health promotion and disease prevention will form part of their work.
  2. initiate and implement changes in the health care service in response to patient needs and service demands.
  3. participate in education of nursing staff and health care professionals through role modelling, mentoring and sharing of knowledge and expertise.
  4. initiate and coordinate nursing research.  They should identify and incorporate into practice the best available research evidence in order to meet patient and service needs.

Nurse Managers (NM) manage a ward or department in an institution.  They are responsible for creating a conductive work environment and managing the professional and personal development of their staff.

Nurse Educators (NE) plan and implement education and training programmes for nurses.  They can also be lecturers, responsible for the education and training of nursing students.

SingHealth is always looking for driven and motivated Nurses to join our teams. To find out more about Nursing job opportunities within SingHealth, click here

If you are considering studying to become a Nurse there are scholarships available.  Click here to find out more.

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