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The New Frontier in Nursing: Leading the Transformation

On behalf of the organising committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to be a part of the SingHealth Nursing Conference 2018. The theme for this conference is "The New Frontier in Nursing: Leading the Transformation".

The SingHealth Nursing Conference 2018 highlights the roles that nurses play to ensure a sustainable healthcare system beyond 2020. Singapore's ageing population, coupled with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases has led to escalating complexity of care needs. These require close collaboration between the various health professionals. Nurses, in particular have been strong advocates in setting up strong partnerships with community care services to facilitate patients transitioning smoothly from tertiary to community and home care services. Thus the role of nurses will continue to expand and evolve along with the transformation of our healthcare system to meet the future needs of our patients.   

 The conference will consists of 2 full days of lectures. The conference will also host research and healthcare quality driven oral and poster presentation sessions. In addition, there will be 3 post-conference workshops conducted with the focus on Wound Management,  Dermatology and Rheumatology Nursing. Public forum on Women’s Health will be held concurrently with the workshops.

 The conference objectives are:


–      To synergise the collaboration in complex disease management among healthcare professionals;

–      To develop leadership roles in providing a seamless continuity of care across settings;

–      To strengthen nursing competencies and achieve excellence in care; and,

–      To promote creativity and evidence based practice.


We look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Dr Huang Fang,

SingHealth Nursing Conference 2018 Chairperson

Ms. Pauline Leong,

SingHealth Nursing Conference 2018 Co-Chair


Join our SingHealth Nursing Conference 2018

 Main Conference (5 & 6 April 2018)


1 Day 2 Days 

Early Bird (Before 28 February 2018)

SGD 120 SGD 200
Standard SGD 150 SGD 250
All fees are inclusive of GST



Post- Conference Workshops (7 April 2018)
Dermatology  Wound Rheumatology
SGD 100  SGD 100 SGD 100
All fees are inclusive of GST

Closing Date: 17 March 2018




For enquiries
Please call: 6394-8734



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