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    Continuing Medical Education in SingHealth for Doctors
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    Continuing Medical Education for Doctors

    Ample opportunities abound to pursue continuing medical education in SingHealth. Here are our training and education partners offering a spectrum of medical training and professional development courses for doctors.

    Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI)

    Spearheading continuing medical education for general practitioners and specialists, Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) coordinates teaching programmes run by SGH’s clinical departments.


    SGH – Institute for Medical Simulation Education (IMSE)

    The SGH – Institute for Medical Simulation Education (IMSE) enhances and expands the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals in life support and emergencies. These include cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, critical care, medical simulation, trauma and disaster training.


    PRiME (Primary Care Medical Education)

    PRiME is the training arm of SingHealth Polyclinics, planning education and training programmes for healthcare staff. It also educates the community on health-related topics as part of its community outreach mission. SingHealth Polyclinics is also one of four accredited Family Medicine training centre in Singapore, conducting undergraduate and postgraduate training in Family Medicine.


    Academic Centre for Oral Health (ACORN)

    The Academic Centre for Oral Health at NDCS (ACORN) was set up in 2008 to consolidate the National Dental Centre Singapore’s education and research efforts and to integrate these to strengthen patient care. It provides a central administrative point for dental professionals to facilitate their education and research interests. For more information on education and training opportunities, please contact the ACORN Secretariat at


    Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI)

    Set up jointly by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and SingHealth, Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI) aims to enhance the healthcare teaching environment and help our healthcare professionals to be better teachers. AM•EI is focused on three areas – professional development, evaluation of teaching programmes and promoting education among the medical community.


    SingHealth Academy

    Focusing on healthcare education and learning among healthcare professionals, SingHealth Academy develops training curriculum and programmes to equip each individual with a holistic set of skills essential for career growth and professional development.


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