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09 Feb 2015
Making mentorship count

Dr Daniel Ting, SingHealth Ophthalmology Residency Co-chair, Resident Committee (2014), and also an AMRI Khoo Scholar, shares his thoughts about mentorship and his personal experiences on how having a few good mentors greatly helped him during his years of training in Residency.

Tomorrow's Medicine, Issue 15 - February 2015

01 Jan 2015
SHP doctor receives AM•EI Golden Apple Awards

Dr Jason Chan, family physician and deputy clinic director at SHP-Geylang, received the AM•EI Outstanding Young Educator Award (Medical Category) in recognition of his dedication in educating primary healthcare professionals. Dr Chan was interviewed on his passion for family medicine and medical education, where he highlighted the importance of teaching and passing on medical knowledge to improve the standards of Family Medicine, and how by teaching others, it also helps him improve and refresh his knowledge. A role model in continuous learning, Dr Chan is currently enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology at NUS YLLSoM.

Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW - pg 2

05 Sep 2014
SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2014 - Showcasing the Best in Academic Medicine

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2014 – a signature event showcasing the synergy and strength of SingHealth and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School’s (Duke-NUS) joint academic partnership, was launched today by President Tony Tan Keng Yam. A key highlight at the Congress was the launch of the National Heart Research Institute Singapore (NHRIS) – a joint venture by National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) and Duke-NUS. In conjunction with the launch, President Tony Tan received a S$3million cheque from Mr Sukanto Tanoto, which will be used to set up the Tanoto Foundation Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine and fund the Tanoto Foundation Initiative for Genetics and Stem Cell Research at National Heart Research Institute Singapore.

Press release

27 Aug 2014
The Scholarship of Education

Assoc Prof Sandy Cook, Senior Associate Dean, Education, Duke-NUS; Chief, Pedagogy, AM•EI, shares about a key misconception of a clinician educator -- does it mean one must do high-quality research and publish in highimpact factor journals to be academic or scholarly in education? According to Assoc Prof Cook, educational research is not the only way to get promoted as a Clinician Educator. 

Tomorrow's Medicine, Issue 11 - August 2014

27 Jul 2014
KKH helps cut infant deaths in Cambodia

10 staff from KK Women's and Children's Hospital taught midwives in Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang province on how to cope with difficult childbirth and resuscitating newborns, amongst other issues to improve pregnancy and childbirth. The training programme is part of a collaboration between KKH and Social Capital Venture Development, a non-profit organisation in Cambodia. KKH, supported by the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF), trained 56 midwives in 2013 and 60 this year. KKH’s director of Paediatrics International Medical Programme Assoc Prof Anette Jacobsen said that both infant and maternal deaths have declined.

The Sunday Times - pg 16

14 Jul 2014
Are you scholarly? Scholarly work is not confined for an elite few

Scholarly work, commonly understood as academic publications that are peer-reviewed or refereed, typically phrases a clinical issue into what, why and how. It also outlines the logic and arguments that leads to a certain conclusion, based on collected data. To continue a successful and meaningful Academic Medicine pursuit, Dr Ong Hwee Kuan, Principal Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital shares how we need a tighter and more structured system to equip and enable our AHPs. 

Tomorrow's Medicine, Issue 10 - July 2014

01 Jun 2014
More students admitted to Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

The number of students admitted to Duke-NUS has doubled since its first batch of students in 2007. In future, the school has plans to accept up to 70 students. Speaking at the graduation ceremony for the school’s fourth batch of graduates on Saturday, Prof Ranga Krishnan, Dean of Duke-NUS and Board Member of SingHealth, expressed appreciation towards SingHealth doctors whose guidance and coaching fuelled greater interests among high-calibre and passionate potential students to enrol. Minister in the PMO’s office Mr S Iswaran noted that Duke-NUS students have been prolific in research and creating patents, citing examples about students who secured a patent for an integrated medical device to diagnose lumps in the neck. 

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 6

17 May 2014
SingHealth and Temasek Foundation partner to provide disaster preparedness specialists programme for Makassar, Indonesia

SingHealth signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hasanuddin University on 17 May 2014 that will see the SingHealth Group provide a disaster preparedness specialists programme for Makassar, Indonesia over a period of 2 years. The programme is supported by Temasek Foundation, Singapore. The aim of the programme is to strengthen the capabilities of hospitals and the local disaster management team to deal with emergencies during disaster, with particular focus on preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.

Press release

01 Apr 2014
Proceeding on a High

An amalgamation of scientific writing from hospital journals SGH Proceedings and KKH Review, Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare took careful, calculated steps to showcase SingHealth institutions and academic partner Duke-NUS. Many young doctors and Duke-NUS students had their research beginnings with Proceedings. With the support of GCEO Prof Ivy Ng, acknowledgement from Proceedings could be used as criteria for promotion, and that made the cluster journal even more popular.

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01 Apr 2014
SingHealth Education Special

At SingHealth and Duke-NUS, we advance healthcare education and embrace lifelong learning for one purpose – to improve our patients’ lives. We teach and develop the next generation of healthcare professionals so that they can deliver even better care tomorrow. 

Click here to download the PDF version of SingHealth Education Special featured in Tomorrow's Medicine, Issue 7, March 2014.

24 Feb 2014
Residents on the rise

With an increasingly ageing and expanding population, plus new developments to increase healthcare capacity, our nation needs a growing and reliable stream of quality clinicians as contributors to a world-class healthcare system. Developing this medical talent pool is SingHealth Residency, the largest sponsoring institution in Singapore with more than 600 residents enrolled in 34 programs to date. These specialist programs range from internal medicine to general surgery, pediatrics, family medicine and the surgery subspecialties. They are structured to train junior doctors as competent specialists in their chosen field.

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05 Feb 2014
Nurturing generations of dental technicians

Ms Habsah Mohd Salleh, Senior Principal Dental Technician, National Dental Centre Singapore, who has more than 40 years of experience as a dental technician, shared her passion and role as an educator. Ms Habsah specialises in making dental prostheses such as dentures and appliances for temporomandibular disorders. On top of her daily work and supervising 30 staff, Ms Habsah is a mentor to new dental technicians and was also part of the committee to set up a Dental Technology programme for ITE.

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13 Jan 2014
SNEC nurses take the academic stage

Ophthalmic nurses have much to share in transforming care on an international scale. Nurses at SNEC are now given clear pathways to progress and fulfil a number of new roles, especially with the formation of the Ophthalmology Academic Clinical Program.

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13 Nov 2013
Nurturing the next generation of doctors

Professor Ranga Krishnan, Dean, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, shares his thoughts on medical education in Singapore.

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29 Sep 2013
Learning beyond the boundaries

Inter-professional learning is changing the face of education in SingHealth. Every day, patients’ lives are saved in our institutions, thanks to the availability of new, better treatments and healthcare professionals who are welltrained in the latest innovations in Medicine. But what may not be apparent to all is that it is always a team effort. Only a multidisciplinary team can have such an impact on the care of a patient.

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26 Sep 2013
Supporting education through technology

Medical classrooms in an increasingly mobile future. Today’s medical classroom is a far cry from the heavy books, paper trails and overhead projector transparencies of a not-so-distant past. Cutting-edge digital technologies such as game simulations, virtual classrooms and on-demand video streaming enhance the domain of medical education and enrich the learning experience of a new generation of learners.

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05 Sep 2013
AM•EI Golden Apple Awards 2013
Educators from different healthcare professions were presented with the AM•EI Golden Apple Awards for their outstanding contributions to healthcare education and dedication to teaching excellence. The 11 awards were presented at the AM•EI first year anniversary in conjunction with Teacher’s Day celebrations on 5 September 2013. Join us in congratulating our winners!
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05 Sep 2013
AM•EI Celebrates First Anniversary
It’s been an exciting year for the Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI). A joint institute of the Duke-NUS and SingHealth, AM•EI brings together a community of inter-professional healthcare educators passionate about education.
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12 Jul 2013
SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference 2013 (15 - 17 August)
The SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference brings together inter-professional healthcare educators and aspiring teaching Residents in quality learning to enhance teaching competencies, catalyzing collaborations to improve patient care.

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10 Apr 2013
Taking the Lead in Transplant Education
Transplantation medicine is one of the most challenging and complex areas of modern medicine. However, it is not covered in great detail in medical education, and most of the learning happens on the job. To address this gap, SingHealth organised a Basic Transplant Course in December 2012, the first in Singapore.

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08 Apr 2013
MOU with Shanghai’s RuiJin Hospital Group
The Singapore General Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 8 Apr 2013 with Shanghai’s RuiJin Hospital Group that will see us training 560 clinical, specialist and ward manager nurses, as well as senior managers and hospital administrators from the six hospitals under the RuiJin Hospital Group, over two years.
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03 Apr 2013
Singapore team starts training medical staff in Myanmar
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), brings simulation training for healthcare workers to improve the quality of paediatric emergency care in the region.
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28 Mar 2013
The role of an educator in translational research
Professor Keith Hill, Head, School of Physiotherapy at Curtin University shares with SingHealth educators on educational leadership and the educator’s role in improving the translation of research evidence into clinical practices.
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23 Feb 2013
AM•EI Pioneer Fellows embark on teaching excellence journey
With the aim to foster inter-professional learning and strengthen teaching competencies of healthcare educators, the 12-month AM•EI Pioneer Fellows Program kicked off on 23 February 2013.
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14 Jan 2013
Creating new knowledge for their love of medicine
Internal Medicine Resident Dr Jason Chan is driven by his passion for scientific discovery and desire to improve patient care. The result? A research collaboration amongst research scientists, pharmacologists and doctors that was recently published on the PLOS ONE journal.
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01 Jan 2013
Franchising the love for learning
Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Chen Li Li took a year off to pursue a Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy degree. Now back at work and raring to share what she has learnt, Li Li aims to impart not just technical know-how but also to inspire her juniors to embrace continuous learning.
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10 Dec 2012
AM•EI aims to raise the standard of on-the-job teaching
The recently set up Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM•EI) by Duke-NUS and SingHealth helps healthcare professionals learn to be better teachers.
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03 Dec 2012
PGAHI strengthens international education ties
An international collaboration between SGH-PGAHI and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has enabled the sharing of knowledge between the two entities.
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