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    01 Apr 2014
    Proceeding on a High

    Tomorrow's Medicine, Issue 7 - March 2014

    All that we do, we tell the world.
    “That, in my opinion, is the reason we started Proceedings [of Singapore Healthcare]. It is to showcase to the whole world our capabilities,” proclaimed Professor Hwang Nian Chih, inaugural Chief Editor of the cluster journal who recently stepped down, and Senior Consultant at the SGH Department of Anaesthesiology.
    Established in 2010, Proceedings might actually have been one of the first movements to stake our claim as an academic healthcare cluster. An amalgamation of scientific writing from hospital journals SGH Proceedings and KKH Review, Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare took careful, calculated steps to showcase SingHealth institutions and academic partner Duke-NUS. Reasoned Prof Hwang, “We want to be inclusive.”
    The dreams of Prof Hwang (SGH Proceedings) and the Chairman, Medical Board of KKH, Prof Alex Sia (KKH Review) didn’t stop at just playing house. Proceedings would be a platform for all in SingHealth to publish their early findings, and to showcase the cluster’s wide array of clinical knowledge and outcome. Their audience was the world. “And this cluster journal is our front,” said Prof Hwang.
    So naturally the journal went online. It was searchable. It was fast. It was a window from the outside world into SingHealth. Taking a thematic approach, Proceedings opened itself to all sub-disciplines within the cluster. This meant a good deal to the trainees in our midst – junior doctors now had access to information from cluster practice, to use as reading material in their pursuit of Medicine. But apart from reading, the clinicians were also encouraged to submit writings to the cluster journal.
    The submissions were then peer-reviewed for acceptance by a panel of experts within and outside Singapore, including healthcare professionals from the subspecialties. Many young doctors and Duke-NUS students had their research beginnings with Proceedings. With the support of GCEO Prof Ivy Ng, acknowledgement from Proceedings could be used as criteria for promotion, and that made the cluster journal even more popular.
    Proceedings now has its sights on indexing. Being indexed would open the door to international recognition and extend its influence to more of our researchers looking for their papers to be published.

    That task lies in the hands of Proceedings’ new chief editor, Associate Professor Lo Yew Long, senior consultant at the SGH department of neurology, and editor, Associate Professor Lai Siang Hui, senior consultant at the SGH department of pathology.

    Our cluster journal has come a long way. With so much done and accomplished, Prof Hwang looks back with pride. The years of planning and hard work have paid off, and he is letting go on a high. Also because he has found worthy successors. “Yew Long works well with the staff, and he has good ideas that are different from mine. We are like a venn diagram, with two sets of life experiences and a common interest. Alongside him is Siang Hui, and I think they make a great team.”

    Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare is run by an editorial committee comprising representatives from SingHealth, Duke-NUS and Eastern Health Alliance.


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