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    26 Sep 2013
    Supporting education through technology

    Tomorrow's Medicine, Issue 3 - October 2013

    Edison Ng demonstrating Mediasite – SingHealth’s eLecture recording platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

    Medical classrooms in an increasingly mobile future. Today’s medical classroom is a far cry from the heavy books, paper trails and overhead projector transparencies of a not-so-distant past. Cutting-edge digital technologies such as game simulations, virtual classrooms and on-demand video streaming enhance the domain of medical education and enrich the learning experience of a new generation of learners.
    The SingHealth Blackboard eLearning portal and the Mediasite eLecture recording platform are just two of the cluster-wide developments that have changed the way educators teach and how students learn at SingHealth, since their implementation five years ago. The two platforms integrate into the Learning Management System, which will centralise all future learning activities.
    Providing a one-stop portal for educators and students, Blackboard has become a cornerstone virtual workspace for collaborations, self-learning and interaction. Users can access reading material, watch video lectures and take assessments without setting foot in a classroom.
    The portal has seen an explosive increase in the number of users since its introduction five years ago, reaching close to 17,000 unique users in FY2012 as compared to 500 in FY2008. It can now also be accessed via portable devices; ideal for the time-poor educators and learners.
    Mediasite moves the traditional classroom to the virtual domain by recording lectures on video and enabling online live streaming and archiving. A lecture recorded today can be preserved and viewed decades later by a learner from another country. One of the heaviest users of Mediasite is SingHealth Residency, which currently has 433 videos housed on the server. Most of the Residency programmes have already adopted the eLearning platform. 
    Orientation programmes for residents have proven popular online. The contents are available for multiple batches of students, and what used to be a two-day programme has been reduced to one day. Students read materials before the session, leaving important face time for interaction and engagement with teachers.

    Edison Ng, Manager, Learning Technologies at SingHealth Group Education, shared, “Educators can now use interactive games and simulations, live video demonstrations and mobile applications to engage learners.”
    Besides learner engagement, education technology has also improved the quality of assessments. Educators can track an individual student’s progress and online attendance with automatically generated reports, and assessment videos created by students can be shared for peer review.
    Interaction and engagement in education is boosted further by the state-of-the-art learning facility located within Academia. From the extensive use of simulation in Academia’s mini hospital to live streaming and recording facilities, Group Education hopes to enhance education both inside and outside the classroom.
    Tan Wei Ming, Director, SingHealth Group Education, considers education technology as one of the key pieces that makes education at SingHealth vibrant and ahead of its time: “One of SingHealth Group Education’s key priorities is to let our learners know that we are here to help them develop and enhance their learning journey. “Well-trained faculty supplemented with advanced learning technologies take their experience beyond the classrooms because truly, learning has no boundaries.”
    Learning on the move
    SingHealth Group Education has harnessed technology to make learning available anytime, anywhere through the use of the Learning Management System (LMS).
    A One-Stop Learning Management System
    LMS is an internet-based education platform where users can learn and share information at their own convenience, promoting studentcentric active learning. It hosts and shares contents across SingHealth institutions. Its features include virtual classrooms, online chat, video conferencing, tracking of progress and results.
    eLearning Platform
     - online learning materials, graded assessment and discussion forums
     - interactive content with animation, videos, games and quizzes
    Multimedia Development
     - interactive games that improve retention
     - interactive 3D graphics for simulation exercises
     - education videos
    Lecture Recording and Live Broadcast
     - one-stop digital media library hub
     - live simulcast to different locations
     - on-demand recording and viewing
    Blended Learning
     - combination of different learning styles using the latest technology
     to create a new, stimulating learning experience through multichannel
     learning tools (video, audio, interactive content, face-to-face)
    SingHealth Blackboard eLearning
    Mediasite eLectures


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