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    SingHealth Duke-NUS Sleep Centre

    About Sleep Centre Services Our Doctors Education

    About Sleep Centre


    The SingHealth Duke-NUS Sleep Centre’s vision is to be the national medical centre of excellence for treatment of Sleep Disorders and the academic medical centre for understanding of Sleep Science.


    The centre is dedicated to establishing the best academic and clinical program in sleep medicine and sleep science. We aim to provide the best patient - centric clinical care to achieve the best outcomes for patients through integrated quality patient care, clinical education and research.

    Towards this goal, the SingHealth-Duke NUS Sleep Centre brings together clinicians and researchers to deliver clinical care and serve patients with sleep disorders at 6 key clinical sites to sustain clinical and academic programs that will educate the medical and general populations, advance collaborative research, set new standards of clinical practice and impact healthcare policy. Our clinical sites are:


    We provide evaluation and treatment of all sleep disorders in adults and paediatrics including:

    Collaborating Clinical Services and National Centres We work very closely with other National Centres and Clinical Centres in SingHealth to deliver holistic care to our sleep patients. Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea are at a risk of developing normal tension glaucoma, floppy eyelid syndrome, coronary artery disease, cardiac arrhythmias and obesity. Hence, we work with Singapore National Eye Centre, National Heart Centre Singapore, SGH Life Centre for the respective conditions.

    Our Doctors

    Singapore General Hospital Sleep Centre
    Department of Otolaryngology

    Dr Toh Song Tar
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Han Hong Juan
    Visiting Consultant

    Dr Loh Ray Han, Shaun
    Associate Consultant

    Department of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine

    Dr Ong Thun How
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Leow Leong Chai

    Dr Tan Keng Leong
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Anne Hsu
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Constance Lo
    Visiting Consultant

    Department of Neurology

    Assoc Prof Pavanni Ratnagopal
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Shahul Hameed
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Lim Li Ling
    Visiting Consultant

    Department of Psychiatry

    Dr Sin Gwen Li
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Tan Shian Ming

    Dr Wong Sheau Hwa
    Visiting Consultant

    Dr Poon Shi Hui

    CGH Integrated Sleep Service
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery

    Adj Assoc Prof Hsu Pon Poh
    Senior Consultant, Chief, Director of Integrated Sleep Service (ISS)

    Dr Alvin Tan Kah Leong
    Principal Staff Registrar, Deputy Director of Integrated Sleep Service (ISS), Co-director CGH Sleep Laboratory

    Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

    Adj Asst Prof Mok Yingjuan
    Consultant, Co-director CGH Sleep Laboratory

    Dr Wong Hang Siang

    Department of Psychological Medicine

    Adj Asst Prof Ong Pui Sim
    Senior Consultant, Deputy Director of Integrated Sleep Services (ISS)

    Dr Tan Sheng Neng
    Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine

    Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Dr Eric Lye Kok Weng
    Visiting Consultant, Deputy Director of Integrated Sleep Services (ISS)

    Dr Lai Juen Bin
    Visiting Consultant, Assistant Director of Integrated Sleep Services (ISS)

    Department of Anaesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care

    Dr Avinash Govindram
    Consultant, Assistant Director of Integrated Sleep Services (ISS)

    Sengkang Health Sleep Medicine
    Department of General Medicine, Respiratory Medicine

    Dr Soh Rui Ya
    Associate Consultant

    Department of Otolaryngology

    Dr Toh Song Tar
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Phua Chu Qin
    Associate Consultant

    Department of Neurology

    Dr Shahul Hameed
    Senior Consultant

    Assoc Prof Pavanni Ratnagopal
    Senior Consultant

    KK Women and Children’s Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre
    Department of Paediatrics

    Dr Teoh Oon Hoe
    Senior Consultant, Head of Respiratory Medicine Service

    Dr Biju Thomas
    Senior Consultant, Respiratory Medicine Service

    Dr Arun Pugalenthi
    Consultant, Respiratory Medicine Service

    Dr Petrina Wong
    Consultant, Respiratory Medicine Service

    Dr Tan Yi Hua
    Associate Consultant, Respiratory Medicine Service

    Dr Jenny Tang
    Visiting Consultant, Respiratory Medicine Service

    Dr Lee Jun Theodric
    Visiting Consultant, Respiratory Medicine Service

    Adj Assoc Prof Anne Goh Eng Neo
    Senior Consultant, Head of Allergy Service

    Department of Dental Service
    Dr Chay Pui Ling
    Dr Koo Chieh Shen
    Dr Goh Aik Wei

    National Dental Centre Singapore
    Department of Orthodontics

    Assoc Prof Mimi Yow
    Senior Consultant

    Dr Elaine Wong
    Associate Consultant

    Dr Ng Jing Hao
    Associate Consultant

    Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

    Dr William Lim
    Associate Consultant

    Dr Eric Lye Kok Weng
    Visiting Specialist

    National Neuroscience Institute @ TTSH Campus

    Adj Assoc Prof Loh Ngai Kun
    Senior Consultant



    We aim to further the development of sleep medicine in Singapore by activities at several different levels:

    1. General Public
    Across the different sleep centres, we organize regular public outreach and sleep symposia to improve public awareness of various sleep disorders.

    2. Other Medical Professionals
    We also hold regular GP forums and sleep medicine courses to update colleagues, educate other specialties and professionals about the impact of sleep disorders and the need for a high index of suspicion in looking out for comorbid sleep conditions.

    3. Specialist Training
    Sleep medicine is a very special sub-specialty as the pathway to sleep training originates in several primary specialties. Our sleep fellowship training program accepts trainees who have completed their primary specialist training in the following specialties:

    • ENT
    • Respiratory medicine
    • Neurology
    • Dentistry
    • Psychiatry

    The training program for each of these entails common core modules as well as specialty-specific training requirements. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with experienced sleep specialists from Respiratory, ENT, Psychiatry, Dental and Psychiatry specialists across all SingHealth Duke-NUS cluster hospitals and medical centres. Fellows will also be expected to participate in research projects mentored and supervised by their primary fellowship director. For more details on the fellowship programme, please contact our Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) at pgmi.fellowships@sgh.com.sg

    We organise Sleep Medicine Courses and Symposiums regularly to cater to the growing needs of specialists and sleep technologists wanting to manage sleep patients and improve their knowledge through continuing medical education.

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