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    Lung Ventilation / Perfusion Scan (V/Q)

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    Singapore General Hospital
    Contributed by Singapore General Hospital


    One of the most common indications for a V/Q scan is suspected pulmonary embolism i.e. when the arteries or its branches supplying blood to the lungs are suspected to be blocked, causing breathlessness.


    This consists of two parts.

    A) Ventilation

    You will breathe in an aerosol mixture of oxygen and radioactive tracer for about five minutes. Images of your lungs at different angles will be taken with a Gamma Camera.

    B) Perfusion

    After the ventilation images are taken, you will be given a small injection in your vein and the same series of images at the same angles are taken again.

    Patient Preparation

    • You will need to sign a consent form before the procedure
    • There is no special preparation before the procedure
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