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    Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Procedures in
    Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)

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    Singapore General Hospital
    Dept of Otolaryngology


    Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery (MIES) for sinonasal tumours involving the skull base and surrounding vital structures have gained widespread acceptance over the past two decades.

    Improvements in endoscopic techniques and advances in both CT and MRI have facilitated this less invasive approach without compromising on the long-term cure rate.

    This shift to minimally invasive surgery for surgical management of inflammatory/infectious, traumatic and neoplastic skull base lesions has also been driven by the development of intra-operative surgical navigation technology.

    All these combined with highly skilled and trained surgeons have enabled the resection of many lesions via the MIES method.

    Endoscopic resection of tumours in the nasal cavity offers several key advantages. These include avoidance of facial incisions, preservation of normal structures and superior visualisation and magnification of key facial structures. This means lower morbidity, faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay for patients.

    On average, patients stay for about 3 days in the hospital versus a week with the traditional open method.

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