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    Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

    Benefits of MIS
    Limitations of MIS
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    What is Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)?

    Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), also known as 'keyhole surgery’, is surgery done through small incisions.

    It aims to achieve clinical outcomes comparable to those of conventional open surgery, while minimising the soft-tissue damage that is part of conventional techniques.

    MIS uses specialised techniques and instruments like tiny cameras and sophisticated fibre-optic video
    equipment and sometimes image-guided, ultrasound or Computed Tomography (CT) technology to access the operative region. For some procedures, MIS has replaced the conventional open surgery technique as the standard operation.

    Benefits of MIS 

    Compared to conventional open surgery, MIS has the following potential benefits for patients:

    • Less trauma to the body
    • Less blood loss
    • Smaller surgical scars
    • Less need for pain medication
    • Earlier discharge from hospital
    • Earlier return to normal activities

      Limitation of MIS

      It is important to recognise that MIS has limitations:

      • May not be suitable for all patients.
      • May take longer than open surgery.
      • May incur extra costs due to specialised equipment that are more expensive. However, the extra costs may be offset by shorter hospital stay and earlier return to usual activities.
      • Requires specialist training and hence may not be available in some centres.
      • In the event that complications arise, or in unsuitable situations, the minimally invasive surgery may need to be converted to open surgery.

      Our specialists at SGH will be able to provide more details should you need to discuss these.

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