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    Orthopaedic Problems in Children - 
    Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD) and Deformities

    Treatment Options
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        Problems in Children
    KK's Women's and Children's Hospital
    Contributed by KKH, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery


    LLD or inequality in the lengths of the lower limb is usually a source of concern for many parents. Fortunately most times these difference are so small that they are not apparent clinically and do not warrant any intervention.

    However, in a smaller group of patients there can be a significant difference in which case the source needs to be investigated and appropriate treatment instituted.


    Some of the conditions that can cause LLD are:

    • Hemi hypertrophy - Idiopathic (no known cause) or secondary to increase blood flow to the limb
    • Hip conditions - Like neglected dislocations
    • Arrest of the growth plate secondary to infections and injury to the growing areas of the lower limbs
    • Foot condition like clubfeet which causes the aff ected foot to be smaller leading to a shorter foot height and subsequently a shorter leg

    Treatment Options

    The treatment can range from masterly inactivity to the latest intramedullary implants. The treating doctor will decide on the course of treatment based on the cause of the LLD and its response to the various modes of treatment.

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