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    Stomach Scan

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    Contributed by Singapore General Hospital


    This study investigates the movement of food as it is being digested in the stomach and how well the stomach empties either liquid or solid foods. It will show if there is a gastric motility problem or if there is an obstruction.


    There are 2 types of studies.

    • For the liquid study, a very small amount of tracer is mixed in a cup of water which the patient will drink.
    • The solid study involves a small amount of tracer mixed in an egg toast which the patient will eat.

    A Gamma camera will be placed in front of the patient, over the stomach region and the progression of the water or food will be monitored over a period of time. The entire study can be up to 1 hour. There should be minimal movement during the procedure.

    Before the Examination

    • You should not take any food 6 hours prior to the procedure.
    • Diabetic patients can bring their medication and administer it prior to the procedure.
    • You should not have undergone a stomach or small intestine examination using a scope (gastroscope) at least one week before the procedure.
    • You should stop all stomach medications 2 days before the procedure. Please consult your doctor or nuclear medicine physician on which medications to stop.

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