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    Conditions and Treatments 
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    What to Do Before Your Procedure

    Before Procedure
    After Procedure
    Where To Seek Treatment
    Singapore General Hospital
    Contributed by Pain Management Centre


    1. Fasting is necessary prior the procedure unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

    For your procedure in the morning,

    • do not take solid food or drink from 12 midnight (day before procedure)
    • plain water is allowed till 2 hours before arrival time at hospital

    For your procedure in the afternoon, you may 

    • have solid food up to 8am before your procedure on the same day. 
    • plain water is allowed till 2 hours before arrival time at hospital.

    2. You may eat or drink after your procedure.


    1. If you are on any of the following medication(s),
    • warfarin (Coumadin)
    • clopidogrel (Plavix)
    • ticlopidine (Ticlid)
    • aspirin
    You are will be advised to stop medication before your procedure according to your doctor’s instructions. You may resume taking this medication the day after the procedure as prescribed.

    2. If you are diabetic and your procedure is in the morning,

    • please stop taking your diabetic medication, oral or injection, in the morning before the procedure.
    • you may resume taking the medication(s) when you start eating and drinking after the procedure.

    3. If you are diabetic and your procedure is in the afternoon, 

    • you may take your diabetic medication, oral or injection, with food in the morning on the day of procedure.
    • stop taking your diabetic medication(s) when you start to fast.
    • continue to take your diabetic medication(s) as soon as you start to eat or drink after the procedure.

    4. If you have

    • high blood pressure or heart problems, continue to take your medication(s) as prescribed.
    • If you are fasting, you may take your medication(s) at 6am on the morning of the procedure with sips of water.

    Before Procedure

    1. Remember to buy and bring along any medication that is requested by the doctor.
    2. Bring along your appointment card, procedure request form and Medisave form.
    3. Have a responsible adult accompany you home after the procedure.
    4. Inform the staff during registration if you need a medical excuse certificate or prescription to buy medications.

    After Procedure

    Driving, or going home alone after the procedure is strongly discouraged. Please have someone accompany you home after procedure.

    If you experience any discomfort not relieved with the medications given to you, please seek help from a medical doctor or come back to the Accident & Emergency department.
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